Saltfish Fritters 6

Small Jerk / BBQ Ribs 6  |  Large Jerk / BBQ Ribs 10

Plantains served with hot sauce and lime mayo 4.5  |  Jerk Wings 6


 Jerk chicken and Ribs

Quarter 8 / or with any 2 sides 12  |  Half Chicken 10 / or with any two sides 15

Jerk Breast Fillet 10 / or with any two sides 15

BBQ or Jerk Ribs 9  with any two sides for 12 (Pork ribs)

Curries and Stews

served with rice 

Mix Bean with spinach  |  Ital stew   9

Chicken curry 11  |  Goat curry 14 |  Braised Oxtail 14


Ital is the Rastafarian way of eating. In its purest form it a vegan diet mainly consisting of spicy stews, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and plenty of raw and live foods.

Mix Bean Curry  |   Ital Stew 8

Ital Wrap with Avocado, Carrots, Peppers and Spinach 8 with a side 11

Mix Bean Wrap  8 with a side 11

Ital Salad , Jerk Jackfruit, Carrots, Avocado, Toms and Pumpkin seeds on Mixed leaves 12


Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica’s National Dish 10.50 with one side 14

Grilled Seabass with one side 14

Wraps and Sandwiches

Jerk Wrap  |  Ital Wrap  |  Chicken Curry Wrap  |  Bean Wrap  with a side 11

Calypso Chicken Burger with roasted peppers 9 / or with a side 11


Caribbean Chicken Salad, Jerk breast served with Avocado and fresh Mango on Mixed leaves 12

Ital Salad , Carrots, Avocado, Toms and Pumpkin seeds on Mixed leaves 12

Sharing Platters

Negril Platter – Comes with ½ Jerk Chicken, plantains, rice and peas, gravy, coleslaw, mix salad, chips and  saltfish fritters. Instead of chicken try BBQ/Jerk Ribs (add an extra £2 per person) or Grilled Fish (add £4 per person)

Curry Platter – Any two Curries or Stews, Rice and Peas, Steamed Rice, Roti flat bread and a mix salad

* If you have a food allergy or a dietary requirement

please inform a member of staff